Book Review: Little Bones by Sam Blake

A debut crime fiction based in Ireland, little bones is well tied together and will tug on your heartstrings more than once.
Cathy Connolly is in trouble, so her mind is mostly on that when she attends a break in at upcoming artist Zoe Grant’s house. It seems a weird echo of her personal life when she discovers a set of tiny, old bones sewn into the hem of a wedding dress. Who does the dress belong to and where do the bones belong?

Across the water, Emily takes in a confused old woman named Mary, who seems to think she is someone else. And closer to home, Angel Hierra is settling old scores. The novel makes an art of coincidences, and builds up until the terrible secret is unravelled.

And of course, a cliffhanger ending because this is not the last you’ve seen of Cat Connolly.

Easily read crime, a little overworked in places but an easy and engrossing read.

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